the diaphragm cries, “mercy!”

Fine, fine, fine.

I’ve had enough with M’s sickness today. The poor woman is hacking up a lung, sneezing, and doing this in an open-air office where all of us are free to catch whatever bug she has. I got a feeling early on about this one… she’s a stress-a-holic in theory, but her body rebels. She comes to work after being at the hospital all night with her hubby, while deathly ill, and God only knows what’s next. I’d like to be annoyed by it, but I’m more sorry for her. She should be taking care of herself and not burning out so early on her job. And we’re allowed family sick days as well as paid sick days of our own. Why she doesn’t think she should be using them (when I bet the rest of the office wishes she would) I have no idea.

See, I have a problem with sick people coming to work. If people cringe at the sound of your voice and are forced to cover their mouths when hearing you gurgle and cough… please do us all a favor and go home. I’m sure you would be more productive letting your body heal instead of inflicting viruses on the rest of your coworkers and blinking in and out of a drugged stupor.

Poor woman. Go home!


2 thoughts on “the diaphragm cries, “mercy!”

  1. I completely agree. There’s no sense in coming to work and infecting the whole company. Know what my cube neighbor said Friday?

    “I went to the doctor and he took an X-ray of my lungs and said it looks like I either have Tuberculosis or have had it in the past. I have to go in next week for a skin test.”

    My neck nearly snapped off from the speed at which I turned around and told her she needed take her Tuberculosis home because I didn’t want it!

  2. Oh my word! TB! I would have donned a gas mask, dressed myself in a radiation suit (business casual, of course), and swatted that person so hard until they left the building.


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