it’s not what you think… or is it?

You can assume certain things about a person from their blog entry titles. Hopefully with me people simply assume I am easily amused and should stop procrastinating at work. At least that’d be the truth.

Well here are some of the curious entry titles I’ve come accross lately in my last hour of blog browsing. Assume what you will.

“How to choose a MesotheliomaLaw firm to represent you in when seeking compensation for asbestos exposure.”

“Get ready for holidays in hell as Earth warms”

“Bread or Bred? Alter or Altar?”

“Don’t pee on me and call it Christian”

“Real Estate: Real Estate Ahmedabad, Real Estate Agent Ahmedabad, Real Estsate Consultant”

“A Not So Subtle Approach to Weight Reduction”

“Can I Feel You Up?”

“Weed’s cheaper than therapy.”

“squawk and walk”



4 thoughts on “it’s not what you think… or is it?

  1. i think i need to resurrect the ‘random quote’ page….

    maybe i’ll make a sub-domain on dedicated to random things…

    gosh i miss you too sistah. got any weekends free coming up?

  2. that would be such a playground for us randomheads!

    well this coming weekend i need to get buzzed on allergy meds so i can help my grandpa pack his house up in grand rapids. good luck to me. expect a blog entry about how my nose ran away soon thereafter. UGH how i hate dust mites.

    my weekends are quickly filling up with random stuff. call me and let’s talk about two weekends from now if you’re free!

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