new wordpress layout trial

Okay so an issue with the sexy new WP layout is in the screenshot below:

new WP layout

If you click, you can see how I my categories extend beyond the bottom of the layout. I’m hoping they’ll make it possible for the bottom widgets to be expandable, of variable height and such. I’d like to not have to limit my widgets simply because of length.

Maybe I could consolodate some of the categories though since my last import created a few repeats. But still!


8 thoughts on “new wordpress layout trial

  1. Hummm… Yeah, it seems like adding some css could do the trick. It really is too bad: WordPress is so freaking powerful but they limit it on their domains? That just doesn’t make much sense!

  2. well techinically i can create my own stylesheet, but that’s about it. Hey, I generally dig the WP layouts. I just want them to fix my freakin problem ;) hehe

    thanks, nerdymatts! i’m sure it’ll be gravy…

    edit: … or it’ll be more like ‘choking on chicken bones’ 

    I couldn’t stand all the stupid size issues with the bottom widgets so i killed that (not so stupid) theme with its stupid non-resizable bottom section. bah humbug to stupid stuff! back to ‘fresh bananas’.

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