hide and seek

The most recent CSI: Miami installment was disappointing. In fact, the whole episode left me wanting two things:

1) the end.

2) the guts to miss the end because it was complete rot.

Well I got want#1 and I’m so glad I did. Despite the terrible plot, unnecessary editing effects, eye-rolling one-liners, and good old fashioned crime cliches I usually find at least slightly enjoyable, I was exposed to a most lovely, haunting song on the show’s soundtrack. I was drawn in by the thick, harmonic tones, the lyrics painting pictures in my mind, and the simple beauty of the song. It certainly didn’t belong in that filthy television spot, but it certainly gave me motivation to catch it on iTunes and then on google video. Little did I realize this song was by an artist Tray had recommended to me a few days ago. Well, girl. I found her! Loving it!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to a singer with whom you may not be so familiar: Imogen Heap!

I was delighted to discover on her website that she’s scheduled to be in Chicago December 16! So I went on ticketmaster but that show isn’t listed anywhere! So now I have to find another way to investigate this woman. So enjoyable.

Did I whet your appetite yet?

When you click on “More” you will see the music video for the song I previously referenced.

By the way, if you need to embed a google video into your WordPress page, use the code found on this page.

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