I’ve got her shirt on

Well I keep starting posts and never finishing them. I wonder if this reflects on a greater reality about my ability to follow through with that I start. Thank goodness it didn’t keep me from getting hired at my current job ;)

tigers logoFirst piece of news: Detroit Tigers are in the World Series!! And for a team that hasn’t had a winning season in 13 years, this is big schtuff. So to all you baseball fans: let’s cheer for The ‘D’! 2006 baby! Bringin’ it home!

Second thing to touch on: Last night was a frolicky fabulous time out with friends. Besides my mid-afternoon allergy attack over at Helen’s and my phone breaking (long angsty story), it was perfect! We played a rousingly chatty round of CSI: The Board Game, snacked on the yummiest chocolate cake (Thank you Portillo’s), and threw snide comments at each other until we all ended up winning and figuring out that it was, in fact, Dahlia Choi who killed her husband Huan with the ice pick. Dun-dun-duuunnnnnn!

Next it was off to the black-and-white party over at the North Beach club with free drinks and a jammin good time. I didn’t have a black shirt to wear so I borrowed a cute one of Helen’s (which I was too tired to take off last night and still have on this afternoon). We did the lame club dancing in the front for a little while, but ended up staying most of the night in the back room where the cover band Reigning Kats and Dogs played some seriously good rock and roll. No pole dancing hoochies there. Thank goodness. I think that once you the crowd gets past a certain age group, the likelihood of a stripper on the bar diminishes by leaps and bounds. So we were definitely in luck with this crowd. Quite a relief from the skanking going on in the club part.

Small point: if you can have a roaring good time without bring drunk, then I think you’re fun. If you need alcohol to have a good time, you’ve dropped down on my list of people I want to hang with on a weekend.

After hours of fun and laughs, my aching body slugged home at about 2:00AM where I finally touched base with my man. The perfect end to a fantastic day.

And next time I won’t forget the allergy medicine. Somebody tell Verizon that they owe me a new phone.