making the neighbors worry

I must be ovulating because I am tearing up, and not from allergies. And the walls of my apartment are reverberating with my cries of “Oh!” “No, don’t do this to me!” “Ack!” and “I’m dying! I’m dying!” I can only imagine what my neighbors are thinking.
Let me ‘splain.

I have probably never said so many words in baby talk in a row as I did while viewing this page. I’m starting to wonder if I can pass out from cute overload, and if I can, I think it may happen soon. How can you NOT feel lightheaded with giddy love-buggery when looking at this? How, I ask you? Or this?

I may be melting. I’ve got tears in my eyes, baby talk spewing from my mouth, and an intense desire to rub my face into some fuzzy bundles of love. Melting or ovulating… either is fine by me at this point.


4 thoughts on “making the neighbors worry

  1. oh gosh why did you have to post links to that page?! now i’m doing the same thing.

    darn you. darn you to heck i say!

    *goes back to making googley noises to the bunnies*

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