not so simple

I’d like to live more simply. I’ve gotten much advice on the subject, but I’m a slow-mover on this issue.

First of all, I’d love to open the floor to those of you who read this for your thoughts, insights, and opinions.

Why live simply at all?

Do you live simply? In what ways?

If you’re not convicted on or interested in this issue, what just doesn’t turn you on about it?

Should all Believers live simply? How so? And what would this illustrate of their God? Non-believers are also encouraged to reply.

If someone like me wants to live “more simply”, should I follow some sort of standard? Or are small changes enough? What should my life look like in your mind?

Should everyone who wants to live simply live the same ways?

Are luxuries wrong?

Any tips? and if you’re giving tips, do you live that way too?


7 thoughts on “not so simple

  1. What is living simply? Everyone has a different answer. I think the important thing is to ask yourself, “Is my life glorifying God?” I don’t think we should be about “things.” We need to be about people and loving them. As far as living simply, I think that means trying to get rid of all the distractions, whatever they may be for you, in order to serve God and love people. *stepping off of soap box*

  2. To me, living ‘simply’, for the most part, is all about not creating stress from things that aren’t worth stress. I think I live my life in a very simple fashion. Work being the one thing that can make things seem not so simple anymore. But, I even try my best to keep work simple as well.
    Be very light-hearted about things, maintain a good attitude, enjoy the things you love to do, and do them often.
    Some people see trouble and try to dive in and get some for themselves.

    Lots of questions in your post, im just writing an overall. I guess to get really specific I would have to give some more thought. Very interesting topic though.

  3. don’t overcomplicate things. Remember that God is ultimately in control . that means, don’t worry about anything, things work out the way God wants them to. Maybe I’m a bit too much of a fatalist, but that’s my philosophy.

  4. What do we never have enough of? Time — to care for ourselves and others. So, as I’ve been under a cloud for some time now, I am finding that I have to unclutter everything — my mind, my body, my house, my schedule. Less stress brings more peace of mind. Give away things you’ll never use or don’t need. Don’t be afraid to say No when you need to. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting more, more, more. Be happy with what you have. Most of us have a roof over our head and food to eat. Think of Africa, or the poor in our midst, and thank God by simply helping. Laugh a lot more — it’s actually good for you. Small things, but huge when shared.
    Get enough sleep (especially you, sweetie).
    Love and be loved. Let go and let God. Live for the moment. All good affirmations to help keep it honest.

  5. Living simply isn’t just living with less. I think of it as living in a way that helps us be focused on God and the things that are important. Living with less is helpful, I think, because it moves the reality of “it’s not about stuff, it’s about God and love” from the intellect to the real. Stuff distracts me, especially stuff that I use as an escape.

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