Thursday Thirteen: episode 2

Finally! I’m blogging on a Thursday and I remember this meme! Late though it may be…

13 ways I’ve wasted money in the recent past

1. I was craving pop last night after work so I visited the Corner Pantry across the street. Unlike Michigan where the law states you have to label every item individually, Illinois allows businesses like Corner Pantry run amok with wild prices that probably make everyone squirm. I did. that 12-pack of Dr. Pepper cost me $5.31! this may be an appropriate “WTF?!” moment. the clincher? I was going to gasp in shock, shake my head, and leave out of protest… but I felt bad making a scene or drawing attention to myself. Out of guilt, I bought the most expensive 12-pack ever. I’m shuddering inside and will never shop there again.

2. I have eaten out more times than I care to share publicly. What is it with me and putting off grocery shopping?

3. Comcast. Need I say more? Well, in case I do: I was going to cancel my cable service (or at least bump it down to Basic cable) but I put it off because they have their ways of charging you for a guy to come unscrew your cable cord for you. It’s such junk. I didn’t want to pay the $30 for them to make some dumb change, but it was inevitable. It still is. I haven’t ditched cable yet. So they made a big mistake with my auto payment status online and ended up charging me for two months of service at once. Long story short, that put my checking account in the hole and I was charged $32 for every charge I made after that before I fixed it. I ended up getting $64 in overdraft fees. I complained vehemently to Comcast because it was their fault, but they “couldn’t do anything”. So now I still have to pay Comcast $30 to pretend to do something, still pay those overdraft fees, and now I hate Comcast more than ever. Bloodsuckers.

4. My car. Yet again, a repeat offender. I have horrible luck when it comes to cars. They always have something go wrong with them when I’m the driver. I wonder if God is trying to teach me to ride a bike. So over a month ago or so I drove the 500 mile round-trip to Ann Arbor so I could have the dealership re-aim my headlights, fix a noise that happens every time I hit 50 mph, and some other miscellaneous junk. My mother spent a few weeks with it, then finally sent it in to them. they “replaced the front axle” (even though I never noticed anything related to the front axel) and “fixed the headlights” (Nonsense. they’re worse now than before). Now I still have that darn noise, bad headlights, and other issues and I spent tons of $ on gas for the trip, gas for my mom’s freaking huge SUV she had to loan me for two months, and now I have to pay someone to repair the things the dealership couldn’t even fix. Waste of money!!!

5. Borat.

6. Makeup that I bought online. They over-charged me and I’m still waiting on a refund. What they did ship makes me look like a clown.

7. Bad Chinese food. when the stomach needs a holiday, you know it wasn’t worth it.

8. My most recent game purchase for my phone: Nightclub Empire. I completed all the levels the second time I played it. If I had known it would be so limited I wouldn’t have purchased it.

9. Speaking of phones…my latest ringtones were a waste. When my phone died a horrible death I lost those ringtones and the money I spent on them. I considered begging Verizon for a refund, but I guess I’m sick and tired of support calls.

10. Any time I sank so low as to get McDonald’s food. Just thinking about it makes my stomach grow hair.

11. That brownie last Sunday night. Sure it was chocolate. Sure it was rich with chunky goodness. Sure it was filling. But honestly, I could have been just as satisfied with one bite of someone else’s brownie instead of spending a whopping $2.50 on something they probably bought that morning at Dominick’s’.

12. Your mom.

13. That lunch meat that went horribly sour in my lower left fridge drawer (aka the drawer of doom). I never look inside that drawer so I’m not sure why I put food in there. What was I thinking?

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  2. The ‘drawer of doom’ is cracking me up!

    I keep beverages in my vegetable drawers. I wouldn’t willingly eat a vegetable to save my life, so my drawers of doom are filled with beverages. One is for water and the other is for adult beverages. It works out well because neither really expires. It’s OK if I forget they’re in there.

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