I know; the dead horse doesn’t need another beating …

I’ve pretty much decided that I can’t trust a reviewer’s advice on books when they give five “big fat stars” to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Sorry to bring this up, folks. I hate them and am as sick of them as you all must be… But I had high hopes for this person and now those hopes are dashed on the rocks like a dash drawn on a really big rock. See? Even I can write like Dan Brown!

This blog I stumbled upon is well designed, colorful, and has a nifty book review feature that I wish I had myself. If I was cheap, I’d gank it. But knowing wordpress.com it wouldn’t work and I would have wasted my time anyway.

Okay, so back to low standards. Unfortunately, this reviewer has them.

If you think the tremendously poor writing for which Dan Brown should be known is stellar, gripping, and/or brilliant … I just can’t bring myself to trust your insight on other works of literature. Sorry, cheese puff, I don’t think chick lit novels, heavy-handed plot development, and bad sentence structure should be glorified as “The best read ever!” Even so, I must give you some respect for reviewing more than two authors and including some fine works that are (surprisingly) not about romance and don’t require a strong side Valium in order for them to be called somewhat enjoyable. And props on that review of a non-fiction work! It actually looks interesting. You seem nice, and your blog looks like heaps of fun, but we just don’t understand books in the same way. Peace to you and your truly nifty review feature.


5 thoughts on “I know; the dead horse doesn’t need another beating …

  1. I’ve never read The DaVinci Code. I’m also quite sure that it would be nowhere near as popular as it is if Christians had just ignored it. The Fact that Christians screamed from the highest mountain about how the book was evil and heresy and blah blah blah just made people even more interested in it.

  2. I concur. I saw that first-hand at work. I couldn’t stand spending multiple hours each day working on Da Vinci features for our website; it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    What evangelical don’t like, the rest of the world seems to grab by the horns. I think it’s an act of rebellion against the Christians portrayed in popular media. And honestly, I don’t blame them…

  3. I’m a self-proclaimed book snob. I cringe inwardly when someone says, “My favorite author is Danielle Steele.” OR “I only read John Grisham.”

    I’ve never read any Dan Brown, but he seems like the kind of author that people either love or hate.

  4. I wish I was a snob. I would have a better reason for making my post.

    I freely admit to reading some dumb books and enjoying them. Shoot, can anyone say “Christian romance”? *shudder*
    Thankfully, the 12 step program has helped me leave that crazy life behind ;)

  5. Eww, Christian romance. *shudders along with you* :) I like some chick-lit, but I’m very particular about what I like. I’m sure it probably seems like there’s no rhyme or reason in my snobbery, but it all makes sense to me!

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