cookie, please. and a side of dew

I have worked extremely hard today. I think I deserve a cookie. Anyone wanna share? I’m trying to lay off the caffeine, but I’m also craving a pop. Maybe I’ll find a suitable replacement. I’ll drink mountain dew instead of Mountain Dew. Yes, that will be nice. An energetic mountain grass licking episode would be a fine edition to my day. But the altitude would rot, so I might as well drink the green junk and rest at home in this effin-flat state of Illinois. But really, how great would it be to drink real mountain dew? I wonder if it comes in a diet version…

Perhaps instead fo a cookie I’ll be having leftover pizza and the rest of Dial M for Murder which is now at a fabulous stopping point. I nearly forgot to go back to work after lunch because I was so into it. I love you, Hitchcock.

My brain is as dormant as a dead fish right now (but not quite so smelly). I need a nap.


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