fresh dirt

It is so hard to keep away from sin today. I am like the man at the plow who can’t look back at what he’s done or he will go off-track and ruin his field. I can’t look back. I may feel compelled to revert back to who I was and let those old habits and issues come back to haunt me… but if I do that, I’ll never move forward. I’ll never get to plant seeds in this newly plowed field.

Hate messed me up, folks. Drama messed me up. Broken relationships messed me up. I’m a messed up person–period. But I will not hate myself again and detest my convictions or regret days gone past. I have to move forward. I can’t go back…


3 thoughts on “fresh dirt

  1. Your point just points to the fact that there is nothing we can do to gain salvation. We don’t deserve it nomatter what we do. It is only through God’s grace through faith. That’s life. Else man could and would boast of how he was able to gain salvation.

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