right hand, right foot

No, not the hokey poky, you silly children. Apes. But more on that later.

The past two days have been wonderful, bright, and energizing from start to finish.

Last night my company had its 50th Anniversary celebration dinner with a Christmas celebration mixed in. It was refreshing to see the relaxed candor and jovial smiles from my coworkers. Everyone looked amazing in their formal attire, and we all clean up rather nicely if I do say so myself. I looked fine, let me tell you ;).  After an appetizer reception we moved into the Hilton’s banquet hall to enjoy live music from Carolyn Arends, carol singing, speeches from our Presidents and a four course meal. Billy Graham, our founder, had written us a lovely letter all the way back in October to be read at this dinner. Hearing his letter read aloud gave me the sense that working where I do is such a gift. It finally clicked with me on the drive home: I have achieved one of my dreams. I work full time for a Christian ministry. Sure, I’m not doing what I daydreamed I would be doing in that environment, but I truly am involved in something bigger than myself that impacts the Christian world around me. Have I told you lately how much I love my company?

Well, long story short(er) the night was delightful. I met new people, shared many a laugh, and even made out with a lovely celebration gift (a leather NLT bible with my company’s logo embossed on the front and my name inside). I still can’t believe I work where I do. God has truly blessed my socks off.

After a long, rock-solid sleep last night I spent the day in Chicago with Helen at a Hope College alumni meetup. We had a buffet meal at a great restaurant/bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. From there we walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo and saw the Zoo Lights while exploring the different indoor habitats of the various animals. I’ve never been to a zoo at night or in the winter before so it was something new and fun. And all of the gorgeous light displays and ice carving exibitions and crowds of joyful families and dates… it just charmed me so much that I couldn’t take a smile off my face. Helen and I met some great people and I got reacquainted with some old fellow students over rich hot chocolate, free cookies, and sleeping apes. It was so much fun! I don’t have anything eloquent to say, but I am simply ecstatic about how great these past evenings have been. I needed that.

By the way, there’s something up with the apes at the Lincoln Park Zoo. They all sleep with the right hand holding the right foot up in the air. Now, if I did that I would probably pull something and regret it later, but these apes all had this strange sleeping pose down pat. What is it, a familial trait? Did they watch mum sleep like that and now all they can do is hold their feet while they rest? It’s very odd.


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