your mansion or mine?

Are you a Christian if you don’t think that Heaven is where you go when you die? That Heaven is not where a servant of the Lord spends eternity?

(This is not to say that you don’t live eternally in the presence of God, by the way. Stick to the questions please!)

How important is Heaven in Christianity?


8 thoughts on “your mansion or mine?

  1. The early church fathers didn’t seem to believe in Heaven; it seems that this is a concept that has somehow separated from a belief in the resurrection of the dead when they are actually one in the same.

  2. Frankly, to be a Christian means, by definition, to be a little Christ. Jesus never spoke of heaven as we understand heaven today. So, technically, it would be UNchristian to believe in heaven as it has come to be understood…

    hmm…no wonder people get mad at me…

  3. You sure love to ask the big questions, don’t you? :)

    I love the “Christian” was a pejorative word originally. The few times it is used in the Bible it is almost used ironically I think. I love that!

    As far as your question goes, it is definitely a complex one. It seems that “kingdom” language is used much more than “heaven” language. That being said, it does seem to be that heaven in some form or another does exist. It, no doubt, is nothing like the floaty clouds with cute little angels (doesn’t anyone ever notice how people are scared (pardon me) shitless whenever they see an angel? Doesn’t sound cute to me!).

    The way I see it is that heaven, whatever it is, is real, and will be coming down to Earth along with the new Jerusalem. So, very broadly speaking, I guess I do think that heaven is “where you go” when you die, but not really in the conventional sense.

    Now since I am always right, if you don’t believe that, you obviously aren’t a true Christian. ;)

  4. the whole “kingdom now, and also not yet” idea seems to work in with the view that Yeshua will come back a second time and his Kingdom will physically exist as well as spiritually in our world.

    Again, it seems to be the Heaven isn’t given too much discussion in the scriptures. I am pretty convinced that it does say it exists and that it will be on Earth along with the New Jerusalem. But I am definitely open to other notions as well. :)

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