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How does one go about doing this? How can I demand respect without being unkind? There is a customer service situation I’ve been dealing with since October. I’ve been doing the normal thing of being diplomatic, strong, but not immature or insulting. So far… I haven’t gotten what I need (which is a refund, by the way). So I sent one more email today and if it isn’t resolved next week I am going to the Better Business Beaureau and I’m going to have to try to be diplomatic there too. I’m just sick and tired of all of this politeness! Is that silly? I’m sick of saying something like “I await your prompt response,” instead of “Get back to me or I’ll throw a fit, you bloody trolls!!!”

Am I the only person who gets tired out by being appropriate? Goodness gracious, I’m just trying to be a good follower of Yeshua here. but right now all I want to do is punch a wall. Don’t worry–I’m too scared of hurting myself ;). All the same, why is it that I tire of doing good when I should not ever grow weary of such things? I want to hold on to self-control and mildness… but inside I’m bubbling over. Is this a sign of being hypocritical? “My outsides not matching my insides” or something?

I want respect. Don’t make me get all Aretha Franklin on you.

11 thoughts on “demand respect

  1. Speak to a supervisor. If the person is a supervisor, write an email to the president of the company directly. Outline the problem clearly, and let them know you want to make this as painful for both parties as possible.

    Also let them know how long the problem has been going on, and what you’re willing to do in order to resolve it. Make your intentions clear — just get in contact with the right person DIRECTLY — preferably via phone.

  2. thanks. I made myself so clear the first time that I even made an outline. They had all the info they needed the first time I asked. And yes, the supervisor thing is next. When they call me it’s going to be quite amusing.

  3. Have I told you lately how much I like reading your blog? It’s true.

    Anyway, yes, I get tired of being polite too. Honestly, I give up sometimes and act like a total shrew until it’s out of my system. I can’t say that’s what you *should* do, but it just gets overwhelming sometimes, doesn’t it? It unnerves me when I think, “why do I have to stay on you to get you to do your job? Is it my job to get you to do your job?” Anyway, good luck to you! (And happy new year!)

  4. You can “tweak” the CSS but that isn’t something I want to do. And no, you can’t adjust the layout in any other way. I’m done for now with building my own sites. I do it enough at work :)

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