Okay folks, new question for you! Shocker, eh? ;)

Is daydreaming about your future a dangerous thing to do? And do you engage in such daydreaming? How often? And is it more “If only…” kinds of dreams or, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” dreams or are they more like imagination drive-by’s: random and without goal or purpose?


5 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Apologies, but I had to shoot a question right back… then, do you think not daydreaming/thinking about the future is a safer/better state to be in?

    Am still avidly reading your blog. You post incredible questions! I’ve been provoked to think more about the hard questions than I typically would — and that is a great thing. ;) I wish I had time to get down, properly ponder, and formulate my responses to you — your posts demand good replies, not half-distracted ones. One day I’ll do that. =)

  2. You’re so encouraging, Vega! I appreciate that immensely. And that was a great follow-up question, might I add…

    Yet again, building on that:
    Are daydreams the same as the goals one sets for one’s life? Do we fantasize about our goals, about what would make us feel a certain way, or does it never matter?

    I think not having a dream is dangerous living. But daydreaming can cause someone to lose sight of the goal, the prize, or what’s right.

    Having a dream = life-giving
    Daydreaming= could be anything. Neither wise or unwise?

  3. I think day dreaming is okay, but it should be in the context of “wouldn’t it be great if…” I day dream about random crap, I think it’s a good excersize for the mind and is good for building creativity. I guess you need to distinguish between realistic dreams/goals and day dreaming.

  4. Good thought, Matt. I wonder why we discourage imagination in adults? Often our imagination is only allowed to work in the arts or in our daydreams. Well at least that.

    Now who wants to play pretend with me?

  5. Thanks for clarifying! Based on your definition and going by personal experience: in the dream is destiny and ambition, and not having a dream is ‘dangerous’. Daydreams are the seeds of creativity, adventure, new experiences and growth, and if you act on them, they can enrich and enliven life.

    At least, that’s my personal experience. I daydream a LOT (on top of all that creative make-believe *G*) in the “Wouldn’t it be great if..” vein, and whether or not I end up acting on those daydreams determines how enriched daily life is. Regardless of whether it’s “Wouldn’t it be great if I bought that CD” or “Wouldn’t it be great if all of Africa’s problems were magicked away” — what am I going to do about it? If it doesn’t become something more substantial, it’s just wishful thinking and a waste of brainpower. The extent I actually acted on those fancies would determine how fulfilling my life will be.

    So I think daydreaming isn’t dangerous at all, more power to it! But even more power to acting on them — with judiciousness, of course ;)

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