I did it!

Did it #1: I joined Curves! I am not locked in with them for a whole year. I couldn’t be more excited about working out! Rachel, my new friend who works there, has decided she’s going to be my new mom (sorry Mom, I’m not dethroning you!) in the area to help me get new recipes and keep me accountable. She’s amazing. Her spirit is so alive and she’s a breast cancer survivor! So we bonded immediately over that point alone. And apparently this Curves near me is the fun one ;). So I’ll be jamming with other ladies who just want to be healthy and keep it up. Hey, why not? I’m no ultimate athlete in training here. This is my kind of gig.

So, any ladies in this area wanna come work out with me? I’m trying to pick my three days per week that will be the best for my schedule. I’ll probably go right after work so that I can not get caught sitting on my butt at home in pure laziness.

So Erik, I took your advice. I completely blame you for making me think about this more seriously. Sometimes we need outside motivation to get us moving. You’ve been the perfect outside motivation for me. Just give me a long while until I can have the endurance to work out with you!

Did it #2: I called Comcast and finally downgraded my service from Standard to Basic cable. Sure I’ll be missing HGTV and Bravo and all of my other fav channels… but you know what? I need that extra 30 bucks a month to do this new workout. It’s worth it in the long run. So the cable guy is coming out Saturday between 1-5 and I suppose that keeps me at home doing normal Shabbat activities like a good girl. I am also excited about saving money! I went through tons of college without television, so this won’t be too bad. I need to be more productive anyway.


6 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I’d kill cable entirely but I don’t have an antenna on my tv and I still want the basics :)

    I watch movies a lot… or tv shows on dvd. so i guess that’s what my butt’s doing on the sofa

  2. I was a Curve-ee for a year. :) My particular Curves branch sucked though. None of the employees really cared to be there and one person would tell you to use a machine a certain way and then the next person would tell you you were doing it all wrong. It was kind of frustrating. But I liked that there was a set way of doing things. It takes the thinking out of exercise. :)

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