Even without the chunky chicken noodle soup, salad, chili, and homemade cookies–the lunch I had with my department and the Production department was the most enjoyable and refreshing meal at work I’ve had in my 9 months of working at CTI. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so incredibly hard. Stories of rowdy children, trading moms, pets dying, broken necks, undiscovered rap and rock careers, hula dancing, sex changes, jigs of joy, and a host of perfect one-liners drowned the room in guffaws for the entire hour.

To add to that joy, today is also Superbowl Casual Friday where we can wear jeans, tennis shoes, and the colors of the teams we root for. I and a few other ladies chose to blind everyone with bright orange. We tried making fun of the Colts fans, but we all simply enjoyed a good chuckle.

I discovered who drives the blue Eclipse with the gigantic OSU sticker on the back. I can now prank him with confidence once the next Michigan/Ohio State game comes up. I also discovered that our Executive Vice President is a die-never OSU fan. He and I had an amusing conversation in the hallway where I truly wanted to mock them, but felt odd doing so while I still reside in peon status here at the company. So I suppose I fell into the trap of sucking up–at least slightly.

So with a tasty no-bake cookie beside me, tons of work ahead, and my insides still bouncing with chuckles… I wish you all the best of laughs and an amusing lunch just like mine.


2 thoughts on “Stitches

  1. Guess who’s on Worpress now too :-P

    Anyway, I have a cute story that you might appreciate… I subbed in a 2nd grade class for a few days not long ago. Not long into my subbing in this class, much to my delight, I found that a number of the students in this 2nd grade class were avid Michigan fans. I couldn’t believe it. I got a good laugh about it too, because once they found out that I too am a Michigan fan, they couldn’t stop talking about it. :-) Go Blue!

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