Don’t lick the poles

Even the brakes on my car were barely moving this morning. That was frightening. Having to slam on them just to slow at  stop sign is not exactly my idea of a car working properly. Sheila/Bebe (my two-named car), like me, longs for warm sunny climates like those of the Caribbean. My engine roared with every thump of the pistons, trying like the Little Engine that Could to get me to work. If anything were shut down because of cold, I bet it would be today. Welcome to the Midwest at wintertime, everyone. It is -11°F here in the burbs of Chicago and that isn’t even the wind chill. This is the life.


7 thoughts on “Don’t lick the poles

  1. It’s a whopping 2° here in Aurora! It’s practically summer compared to this morning!

    Man, I’ve never heard a vehicle make some of the noises that were gridning out of cars this morning. This is so cold, it’s hellacious!

  2. Oh I’m glad it wasn’t just mine! I’m racing you to see who can hit the highest temp today. We’re at 3 right now! WOO! And yes, it is sunny which achieves the same effect as a bird feeling free and flying blissfully until it smashes face-first into a window. We both share a shocking disappointment.


  3. it’s supposed to get up into the 20’s later this week… HEAT WAVE!!

    Today I had to break out my heavy parka for the first time in two years… because it was -0.7º F on the thermometer at my house this morning when I left… ::tear::

  4. See, that’s why having superpowers would really come in handy. I could fly. For free. But I’d need some sort of force field or protection to keep me from experiencing the elements… hmmm!

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