word of the day: stench

My B-100 (the new B-complex I’m taking every morning) is stinking up my cubicle! Why do these pills stink so much? How does that stink get past the plastic bag and superduperziplock seal? And why do all vitamins have this same intrusive aroma? Oy. Maybe I’m secreting B-complex stench through my pores. I need a candle or something. I look like a squirrel sniffing the air here. It’s rediculous.


5 thoughts on “word of the day: stench

  1. My Mom and Step-dad started dating roughly 20 years ago. At the time my step-dad was a bit of a vitamin junkie, so he always carried around packets of vitamins, which made his stuff stink. TO THIS VERY DAY we still come across that smell in old boxes of stuff. No vitamins, just the smell.

  2. Just make sure to make a big scene over how you hate taking vitamins because they stink. You don’t want anyone to make the mistake of thinking it’s YOU who’s stinking up your cubicle. :)

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