It only took a 9 hour work day and skipping lunch to convince me wholeheartedly that wordpress is definitely better than movable type. Actually it took much less than that, but I can’t believe how hard I’ve been working today and how MT is seriously cramping my style, mocking me without mercy.

Now, I believed in the supremacy of WP beforehand, mind you–or I wouldn’t have switched in the first place. But let’s just say that I am the only person left on the lower level of my building except for the janitor, and I’ve been waiting for this cursed MT blog we run to rebuild five lousy files for over 15 25 minutes. I’ve worked overtime today, and want to just go home and treat myself to some yummy food, an episode of Nero Wolf, and a daydream or two. Today has not been easy (in fact, I’d call it hellish and maddning beyond all reason, but you get my drift).

So to you, evil Movable Type rebuilding process:

SHOVE IT. I’m going home!

movabletype sucks


4 thoughts on “convincing

  1. yea.. i hear ya about frustrations of web programs. i love it when people who have no idea what they are talking about… ask me for advice on something SIMILAR to what i know… but not exactly.

    example: someone has a windows PC that is ‘broken’ (well.. what windows PC isn’t broken.. but i digress) and asks me to come fix it. problem: i haven’t used a windows pc for YEARS… “oh well i thought you knew computers well.” i know macs. yes. “what’s that?” nevermind.

    ok. unrelated vent. but it felt good. :-)

  2. because 1) I don’t want to take work home.
    2) i can’t access the server where the files are.
    3) i don’t care enough.

    after an hour of troubleshooting this morning we figured it out. phew.

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