for my dogg

01:: what time is it right now?

02:: how many hours a week do you work?
officially: 37.5. Right now I’m doing overtime. So like.. 40ish.

03:: do you like balloon animals?
They’re okay, but I don’t like the squeaking.

04:: are your feet cold right now?
They could be colder. And warmer. But they’re “cool” for now.

05:: what do you hear?
The clickitybuzz of my laptop. I also hear someone opening a door in the hallway.

06:: do you hang up your tshirts or put them in drawers?
I hang up all my work-wearables and fold my t-shirts and tanks.

07:: (winter) does your apartment/home hold heat in/cold out very well?
Not really. The windows leak air and it can get pretty chilly. But the bathroom and kitchen never need their own heat. It’s always steamin’!

08:: how much was gas last time you filled up?
$2.19. Did the whole 12 gallon tank.

09:: what was the last funny thing you heard?
Erik made me chuckle. Not sure why. And before that my brother made me laugh as he acted flabbergasted why telling his wife “happy valentine’s day” last Friday didn’t count.

10:: do you remember ascii art/text only games on the computer?
Maybe? Not?

11:: do you STILL play text only games on the computer?
Here’s a game… hit me in the a post about some old goodies.

14:: look up right now. what do you see?
Cement/popcorn ceiling. I wonder why they felt they had to add that disgusting popcorn effect when flat slabs would have done just fine.

15:: what key do you use the most on your computer?
Like, the space key. Dur.

16:: did you have to learn how to type on a typewriter?
Techinically, yes. But I didn’t use it much because I hand wrote all my schoolwork in those days. I did use the typewriter for a story I tried to write. It ended up sounding mysteriously similar to a Baby-sitters Club Super Special.

17:: what is your favorite office supply?
I use Post-Its so often that my cellcube is just a smattering of hot pink squares with a desk somewhere underneath.

18:: when you forget that your cell phone is on ‘vibrate’ and you leave it sitting on a table.. does it ever scare the LIFE OUTTA YOU?
Actually, I have it set so that even if the ringer is on, it always vibrates. So I’m really used to jumping out of my skin on a regular basis.

19:: visit did you just make cutesy ‘cooing’ noises at your computer screen? be honest.
You have no idea what the bunny section does to me. Don’t say another word about it or I might coo all over you.

20:: do you have a hard time not laughing when someone else farts?
If it isn’t upwind of me, you bet.

21:: are your fingernails long or short?
Short. I’m not ashamed of biting them down to comfortable size.

22:: when you are listening to music or have music in your head… do you tend to walk with the beat of the song?
When I was in my tweens I had this issue with doing things to the beat of any music I could hear. I think it was part of my anxiety acted out in compulsive behavior. Walking became especially difficult when the song was in mixed meter. ;)

23:: do you use a hand basket or a shopping cart when grocery shopping?
Unless I’m out for a giant shopping trip I try to stick with a basket.

24:: do you ever catch yourself saying something outloud that you were thinking and never really intended to say it out loud?
That’s the extroverted part of me at work, for sure. I often don’t think over or censor things before they come out. If I’m tired, very relaxed, or hyper I am more often to let things slip out.

25:: have you ever forgotten how old you are?
Not exactly. But I did tell someone the wrong age once (nowhere near my birthday, mind you) and they noticed before I did.

26:: say something random.
I should toast something tonight.

27:: that’s all. thanks for playing.
Game on.

that quiz was straight out of the random mind of my dogg tray. Check her out!


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