Thursday Thirteen: episode 5

Thirteen Completely Normal things I Don’t Like:

1: Floral patterns… I can’t stand floral wallpaper, bedspreads, shirts, window treatments, or even most paintings. I do love flowers and enjoy even the occasional flower tattoo or picture. But patterns are quite evil.

2: Really short socks. they get scrunched down and end up coming off my feet or twisting up. I don’t care how dorky ankle-length socks are. I wear them.3: Coconut, pineapple, watermelon, and white chocolate. Big fat EW.

4: Coffee in any shape or form.

5: I hate putting any styling product in my hair. the only times I can stand it are when I get it done up really special for a wedding or something. Otherwise I flat out hate having gunky junk in there.

6: The shows LOST, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy- basically, I just don’t watch them because I don’t want to give in to the hype.

7: Fake plants. I don’t care how “realistic” they look. They’ll never be real enough. Plastic and silk are cheap replacements for a living thing you can actually kill.

8: Sleep overs. I’ve avoided them at almost all costs since middle school. I just can’t stand sleeping in public or around other people. Think marriage might be a problem?

9: Surprise parties (for me). I was blessed with one on my 16th birthday, but all I remember from it is being at Laura’s house while people I didn’t really know flirted with each other and ate lots of food.

10: Lettuce. Sorry, I just don’t enjoy it. I love salad toppings though. Heaps of toppings.

11: Most shades of the color yellow. It just doesn’t make me feel sunshiny and cheerful. In fact, it can be quite headache-inducing.

12: Pantyhose. I can’t stand wearing them, putting them on, or how they never fit right and always run the first time I wear them no matter how kindly I treat them. Bros before hose! Or whatever.

13: Foundation makeup. I just don’t like the idea of caking something over my pores that will likely make me break out which will lead to me being more blotchy and red which will make me need more foundation which will… you get the idea.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: episode 5

  1. You would not be happy in my house…lol!! I LOVE florals and yellow! :)

    Pantyhose should be a form of torture. I hate them too!

    I was with you on foundation until I found Everyday Minerals. It is AWESOME stuff! Not at pricey as Bare Minerals. I will never go back to my Loreal powder.

    Thank you for stopping by my TT!

  2. I usually avoid movies that everyone else likes just because I dont want to. So I havent seen any Harry Potter movie simply because everyone else watches them.. I really liked your list and I dont like floral patterns either

  3. I am so not a fan of the flower patterns either. I don’t even care for real flowers all that much! And sleepovers…don’t even get me started. I’m the rotten mom because I don’t let other kids “sleep” over here. They don’t sleep. They make noise all night and I have to worry about what I look like, what to feed them, etc. Forget it!

    I have to disagree on the coffee, though. Love the stuff! too much!!

    Happy TT!

  4. Sleepovers- wait till you have to share a bed!!

    Nylons- agree, but ankle socks leave such a funky tan line.

    Floral- Had a camper once with floral wallpaper, in my nightmare, the purple flowers appear. It scares me!

  5. Loved the list! I can identify with #3 especially. I’ve never met anyone who disliked coconut, pineapple, watermelon and white chocolate other than myself. I like small amounts of coconut like coconut shrimp but not much else. I can also deal with watermelon and pineapple candy but that’s about it. I have absolutely zero use for white chocolate.

    Happy belated TT!

  6. I’ve been avoiding LOST until it finishes. I figure it’ll either: go on forever, get canceled and never have an ending. It’ll have an ending that is totally stupid that pisses you off for investing so much time into the show. It’ll have an awesome ending and have been totally worth it.

    I figure the first two options are more likely than the third. So I’m just going to wait, if it ends well, I’ll rent the DVDs.

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