birthday bah humbuggery

So I just realized I’ll be all alone for my birthday (which is Monday March 5). I am taking the day off of work, which is probably a stupid idea because at least that would keep me busy for 8 hours. But now I have no plans and my friends seem to have class, work, or don’t want to take the time to see me (this is not a pity party… ok, maybe a tiny one. I’ll get over it.).

So … Julia must get plans. She must make plans. She wishes she was home in Ann Arbor. She wishes her friends across the country would not be so across the country and be across the room instead. She can’t wait to see her Mama on Saturday. Thank God for mamas.

Ah well, since when did I care about birthdays anyway? Right?


7 thoughts on “birthday bah humbuggery

  1. At least you have classy friends.

    Yes, I realized that was a horrible pun, but it was the be I could offer. Happy Belated birthday.

    yes, I know I’m early,b ut everyone else gets Belated Birthday wishes from me and I must be fair!

  2. Hey, sweetie,
    Happy “unbelated” Birthday. If you can splurge a bit, get a pedicure, or a manicure, or a hew hairdo. Go to an afternoon movie. Have high tea at a hotel that serves it. Get new earrings. Buy a half cake and eat it for dinner. (no cals if it replaces a meal) Call Mir. Email me. Go to a gallery.
    Go to a big bookstore and browse away.
    Take a walk and pat every dog you see. (Good for all of you.)
    I know you are not a bath girl, but try a bubble one, light some candles, put on a relaxing CD, eat chocolate and read a novel. Keep adding hot water till you feel like liquid.
    Rent three movies you’ve always wanted to see. Drive around a whole new Chicago neighbourhood and have lunch and dinner. Sit in a hotel lobby or train station and people watch. Make hot cider or hot chocolate or a hot toddy and snuggle under an afghan and read or sleep or both.
    Buy a cute stuffed animal and tell it your secrets. Buy yourself a single flower, or a plant arrangement.
    Drive west of Chicago and see what’s there. Get another set of ear piercings. Get another tattoo. Get a friend and go dancing in the evening. If you can, take a hotel room and wallow in luxury while ordering room service.
    Be spontaneous. Remember, you love change.
    Visit a spa and get a makeup lesson. Or just get a massage.
    Whatever you do, make it you for the day.
    With much love,
    Aunt Deb

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