I eat men’s chocolate

I branched out today. Some ladies from work and I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. I had an enormous bowl of stir fried beef, rice noodles, sprouts, and chives. It was delicious! However, be sure to ask a friend about the large green pepper slices. If you accidentally eat a whole slice, quickly eat as many noodles as possible and request water. Lots of water. Apparently they’re not normal green peppers at all–they’re jalapeños. and you might start to tear up and your tongue might feel like it’s being run through a flaming cheese grater. At least that’s what happened to me!

Otherwise, we had a splendid meal. One woman brought her 18 month old daughter with her. She proceeded to charm the socks off of all of us with her adorable ways and silly giggles. And those pigtails. My goodness, the pigtails!

After lunch I took my first trip to a Japanese market where we spent hours perusing the fascinating food selections and ingredients I certainly had never heard of before. I kept thinking about Law because of his affinity with Japanese food, culture, and cooking. And I dreamed about him last night so it was just one of those days. It would have been nice to have cooked with him.

The market, Mitsuwa, was packed with people, and I’m still surprised at how diverse the crowd was! People of all colors and appearances ogled enormous blocks of miso, picked out one soy sauce among hundreds of varieties, hoisted 20lb bags of rice onto their carts, and stared entranced at skewered fish and their wide open eyes. It was so much fun! I was put in charge of the baby and she and I played games together and got plenty of “oh how cute!” stares and giggles. Having never been a mother, I suppose this must be something you get used to. Or perhaps this child was simply the cutest baby on the entire earth at that moment. I tend to agree. She has a thing for inspecting every grocery item before it goes into the cart. She found a special affection for seaweed snacks about halfway through the trip and kept tossing them and begging for them over and over again. Oh the games we play.

japanese snacksBaby in tow, I ended up picking out three sweet treats for myself: Koala cookie snacks filled with chocolate, “Choco Flakes”, and “Pocky: Men’s Bitter Chocolate” dipped biscuit sticks. Apparently only men like bitter chocolate. Or perhaps only men are bitter enough to eat it. One can never tell. did I break a gender barrier by buying them, I wonder? Ah, who cares. Chocolate covered biscuits here I come! Obviously, I have a thing for chocolate today. It seemed safe enough. That market was the furthest thing from Kosher, but that’s just my excuse; I’m still working on my courage with foreign cuisine. Then again, I might not need an excuse for buying chocolate. Just ask 98% of the female population.


6 thoughts on “I eat men’s chocolate

  1. What about Acts 10:9-16, Matthew 15:11? Peter’s vision of the ‘unclean’ animals and God telling him to eat them; as well as Christ saying that it isn’t what goes into ones mouth that make a person unclean.

    Additionally, Ephesians 2:15 “by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations.” Jesus gave us a new covenant, the old covenant has been abolished.

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