Thursday Thirteen: episode 6

Thirteen “most played” songs on my ipod:

  1. “High of 75” Relient K
  2. “Come Go With Me” The Beach Boys
  3. “We Run This” Missy Elliott
  4. “September”(remix) Earth, Wind, and Fire
  5. “God Will Lift Up Your Head” Jars of Clay
  6. “Dead Man (Carry Me)” Jars of Clay
  7. “Welcome to the Black Parade” My Chemical Romance
  8. “Such Great Heights” the Postal Service
  9. “I So Hate Consequences” Relient K
  10. “Everything About You” Sanctus Real
  11. “Where’s Your Head At” Basement Jaxx
  12. “There’s Only One(Holy One) Caedmon’s Call
  13. “Rough & Ready” Trace Adkins

Enjoy other TT’s here!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: episode 6

  1. “Come Go With Me” The Beach Boys
    “We Run This” Missy Elliott
    “September”(remix) Earth, Wind, and Fire

    These three I know. The rest I am unfamiliar with – but since I love itunes, I’m intrigued enough to discover.

    Thanks. My list is up too – all about chickens, art and life.

  2. Two of those get considerable play on my iPod, too: September and The Black Parade. Hearing September makes me happy, almost no matter what. The Black Parade was shared with me by my 14 year old neice, who was sure I’d love Chemical Romance, and now I do. My TT is still up — quotes from my favorite movies.

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