reasons i’m a good catch

I play well with other children
I can name all of the books of the Bible in order
I share my toys
I can roll my tongue two different ways
I’m half Canadian
I don’t collect shoes or kitschy souvenirs
I clap to the beat
I don’t watch soap operas
I don’t ask if these pants make my butt look fat (though I could settle for ‘phat’)
I bowl worse than you do
I know the difference between there, their, and they’re
You can’t break me when you hug me
I quote movies on a regular basis
Jesus loves me
I don’t like weepy movies
I take 10 minute showers
I love cars
I want you to teach me things, but I can teach you a thing or two in return
I laugh until I fall over
I still have all of my appendages


8 thoughts on “reasons i’m a good catch

  1. Justin: compare “half Canadian” to “half American”. Which one sounds better to you these days? ;)

    Matt: It still makes me a great catch. Even if it doesn’t make me unique.


  2. Thanks! I had forgotten all about they’re.

    As far as the whole Canadian thing, you know we do have open borders! I find it funny how people look to countries like Canada and France, as some sort of positive government, but given the chance would never live there. Give free health care a try and tell me how you like it. If you like waiting and uhhhh waiting you might actually enjoy living in a more socialized environment! So much more sophisticated if you ask me!

  3. As a full Canadian, eh, I have never waited for medical care of any kind. And what is that about socialized? You mean mannerly? Friendlier? I’m sure you don’t mean socialist, which actually is a pretty great thing to be.
    As for sophistication, we’re all beaten by the French, who rival Americans in snobbishness when it comes to the rest of the world.
    So stop slagging my half’n’half niece!!! Elle est toujours une femme superbe!

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