The concept of election for salvation: is it Hebraic in origin? It sounds a lot like being a “chosen people” (ie Israel). I read an Replacement Theology article a few weeks ago that said that Christians are the chosen people now, not Israel. This isn’t a new idea to me, but it came up in my mind again today… Needless to say, the language of being “elect” and/or “chosen” seems to cause a lot of confusion (well, it does for me at least) and mixed messages.

Have you ever personally studied the use and context of this idea? What have you learned in the Scriptures?

Something randomly interesting:

2Ti 2:10 – Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory.

So in this passage it would seem as if the elect have not yet obtained this “salvation that is in Christ Jesus”… We seem to be taught that the elect are the saved people (ie Christians).

I suppose I just find this concept has been lost within the muddle of theological language. The people receiving letters from Paul were not Calvinists, Catholics, or professors. What could they have thought of this concept? Was it new to them or was it already established in tradition and Scripture?

Goodness, I have lots to learn.


One thought on “election…chosen…salvation

  1. Thank you for pointing out that verse! DH has been working with an old friend this week and this keeps coming up. While DH is “taking the heat” for the Torah, his friend is spewing replacement theology with the disclaimer that “I’m not talking about replacement theology here”. His friends position is that “The Jews were chosen in order to bring the Messiah. Now they too are fulfilled in their purpose just like the law was. We, the church, are the new chosen people.” YIKES!

    I’ll show him the verse you pointed out here today when – hey he’s calling right now! :)

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