Thursday 13: episode 7

Naming 13 (Things Modified by Adjectives Starting with) W’s

Wonderful – not having to set an alarm
Wacky – 80’s fashion
Weird – My fear of boat exteriors
Wild – How I feel when I drive with the windows down and music blasting
Wrong – Using “u” instead of “you”
Well Dressed – a turkey on thanksgiving
Wool – Sheep! ahh!
Warm – Friction
Weak – Tissue paper
Worn Out – My pants
Whole – Corn kernel
White – My skin year round
Wet – My lips

What are your 13 things?
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8 thoughts on “Thursday 13: episode 7

  1. I hate text messaging and the abbreviations used in general. It would take me longer to figure out the abbreviation than to just type the word. I am so worried that this next generation will be so accustomed to the texting shorthand that grammar will be out the window…if it’s not already!

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