When it rains…

You know the rest of that aphorism, don’t you? When it rains, it pours. But why is it that we only seem to say that when things are challenging? Is rain always negative? I certainly don’t think so; in fact, I love it. It brings life, refreshes, relieves (just ask those who live in the Southeastern states what a relief rain would be right now), and it manipulates all it touches.

But my rain right now is a bit challenging. Two days ago my mother fractured her fifth metatarsal while playing with her grandbaby Rainy (her nickname is so appropriate) in the yard. She is under stress with my step-sister’s graduation party next weekend, so I hope someone will step up and give her the assistance she will most definitely need to serve the 200+ visitors to their home on Saturday. I wish I could be back home again to help, but I don’t think that will work out.

Work today has been unbelievably difficult and frustrating. I am taking a much-needed breather right now because if I continue working at that pace for one more minute I think I may lose my cool completely. It’s hard to keep my patience and to not think irrational thoughts that come out of vented frustration about other people’s mistakes that drastically affect my work load. Going home will be wonderful. I need to take some time to lie down and let my nerves soften at the edges.

When asked why I feel so frustrated, I can’t even vocalize it. If people don’t know my job like I do, it’s   complicated to explain the many small issues that tumble out of place that seem minuscule at the time, but add up to a blow-out later in the day. I guess I feel weak letting it all get to me like this.

Life will go on, tomorrow will be easier, and if I grant others grace now, I’m sure I’ll need grace from them another day.

My iPod broke. I don’t know when or how. But some time between last night in the car and 4 hours ago my iPid decided to fritz out completely and not work, even after resetting. I’m not going to plug it into my computer because when my G3 had a similar hard drive issue (not the same, but still a major breakdown) it caused more damage when I plugged it in. Thankfully I still have my 1-year warranty through July. So I’ll be hiking the 30 minutes to the Apple store in the next few days to wait hours in line for support. Hopefully this time they can help me, unlike the last time when I wasted 2.5 hours just for them to say “oh, we don’t do that here.” Perhaps I’ll just bring a book this time.

When it rains…


3 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. go to http://apple.com/retail/ .. pick your store… and sign up for tech support from home. (click on “reservation” under genius bar) try the day before just to make sure they’re not filled up. since slots fill up pretty fast at mayfair.. and you can reserve a time i think up to 3 day ahead of time.. but i’m not sure.. it recently change.

    so there. it pours… inside…. on your face… with steak sauce… on your shoe.

  2. Thanks tray. That’s actually what I did last time. They were really shoddy on timely service that day. My “appointment” was for 6:45pm and I was seen at 7:50pm. :) Like seeing any doctor I suppose!

    steak sauce…mmm…fooood….

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