tears of frustration

Work is … a series of words not fit for this blog.  My capacity to handle stress is surprisingly low and has been for a number of weeks now.

And now I’m crying at work.

I need a freaking vacation.


3 thoughts on “tears of frustration

  1. Cuddles and hair massages. Now crying if okay, but at work, not so much. Do you have benefits, for example short-term paid leave? Take it if you do. Stress that produces tears means you are already in need of time off from the job.
    Trust me: I have been there. Twice. You have to take care of yourself, because no one else will. And those benefits are there for you to use, a safety net for your health. Let me know. Keep me posted. If I have to come down and use my Canadian powers, I will do so. I mean it. I have air miles and I can be assertive.
    In the meantime, find a good meditation CD and use it, awake or while sleeping.
    I’ll be waiting for the word to put on my steel-toed boots.
    Call me anytime.
    I love you more than chocolate (and that’s HUGE!!!).
    Deb xoxo

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