When I came home from my visit with Joseph in Ohio on Sunday I discovered my cable was out–both internet and television. This also cut out my Vonage service because it’s dependent on that cable connection. I thought this was because I was late paying my bill, so yesterday at work I make sure my bill is covered and I give Comcast a call. According to them my service should still be up, and they have no idea why it’s nto working.

Skip ahead to this morning when my neighbor informs me the phone lines have been out for a day because of the townhouse construction.

Well apparently the folks digging foundations across the street are having a rip-roaring time, because my guess is that they cut both phone and cable lines in their fervor to get those quarter-million dollar homes up on that lot. Not that I mind the construction in general. Shoot, the fact that they finally ripped down the vagrant motel eyesore that was there before makes me very pleased indeed. I can stand their noise for now. But I guess some guy with a penchant for ripping things up decided to get frisky with the neighborhood lines. Ah well. Perhaps I should call Comcast and tell them that the techie they plan on sending over Friday afternoon might need to be trained in surgery as well.

So what do I do when I don’t have phone, tv, or internet? I suppose I read, write in my journal, pray, and get bored to absolute distraction. Man, I need a hobby!


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