You might work at my company if…

The boss asks your entire internet team to give emergency contact info just in case Billy Graham dies outside of office hours and we need to get an article online ASAP.

You get chewed out by a coworker for saying something “sucks.”

People expect you to be okay with your minimal salary because the job is a “ministry.”

Stunned silence follows your statement that you did not vote for Bush and are an independent voter.

It’s a small scandal when the CEO does karaoke to “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog” and still sings the “make sweet love to you” line. Small gasps usually accompany such actions.

You think you might get in trouble at work if you admit you’re an unchurched heterodox Christian who listens to secular music, drinks alcohol, and uses cuss words on occasion. Tracts are likely to be handed out.


6 thoughts on “You might work at my company if…

  1. They’re fantastic people :). Some of them just happen to be more on the uptight end of the spectrum. And since this is a Christian company, it may not be church, but they do make it clear by what values they govern themselves. It’s actually a very pleasant environment … just with some silly moments to punctuate my laughter.

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