I caught the end of a Pimp My Ride episode tonight. And I realized something… having a car tricked out in those ways wouldn’t make my life better. In fact, it would probably raise my blood pressure to unhealthy levels. I would be nervous about people stealing it, breaking in, taking my rims, even dirtying it if it went in for repairs. The episode tonight featured a Rav4 with a big screen tv under the hood next to the engine block! How will that work? Impractical, stressful…. Anyway, it’s not for me. Now, I wouldn’t mind a tight sound system and a built in GPS navigation system with ipod capability… but that’s about as opulent as I could get.

Speaking of opulence, check out these ways to show off your swollen pocketbook:

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  • For the collectors among us: the priciest stamp, baseball card, comic book, even M&M!
  • Need a vacation? Here are the most expensive rentals in the world. Ah, the price of relaxation…
  • Doesn’t your child deserve the very best? Indulge their flighty fancies with over-the-top bedroom designs.
  • Or just give them a birthday party fit for a king. They might not remember it, but the people you’re trying so hard to impress won’t forget.
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