Thursday Thirteen: episode 8

13 Questions to Ask God

  1. Why do you let stupid, abusive people conceive children?
  2. Why did the world forget Africa?
  3. You seem really organized; why wasn’t I made in that part of your image?
  4. How do miracles go against laws of nature?
  5. Is it disrespectful of me to talk to you in the bathroom?
  6. A/S/L?
  7. Are some sins worse than others?
  8. Why did you create the ability to dream?
  9. Does free will actually exist?
  10. What do you do when you’re bored?
  11. Why does music cause an emotional response?
  12. Where do kids learn how to be annoying?
  13. Do you exist?

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Comment back, baby. What are your questions?


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: episode 8

  1. I have often thought of those things myself! Thinking of #12, I sure wish that God hadn’t forgotten # 3 in the patience department! But then I guess I am not organized either so………well, I guess you got to keep on trying! Love the list!

  2. Haven’t heard from you on my blog lately…was wondering how you’re doing?

    No. 1 question I would ask God?

    Why is it so difficult to discern between the voice of Your Spirit and the voice of our soul?

  3. If the answer to #13 turns out to be yes (doubtful) ask him how many babies died when he flooded the world, and is he proud of that?

    Or maybe just ask if all those TV evangelists with their private jets and huge bank accounts really represent him. If the answer is no, hint that striking one dead with a thunderbolt on national TV would be excellent PR for him!

  4. #4: Miracles don’t go against the laws of nature. I think C.S. lewis described it as a limitation of our perception. We see nature as a closed system, God doesn’t. Take a billiards table for example, if a cue ball is moving at another ball at a certain angle and certain speed we can calculate how the table will end up when the balls have stopped rolling. However, this assumes that the billiards table is a closed system, which it is not, we have the ability to enter into the system and do things to affect the results, such as roll another ball into the moving cue ball. This goes against the laws of nature for the billiards table only if it is assumed that humans can’t or don’t interfere with the natural order of things…

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