Thursday Thirteen: episode 9

13 Things to Learn from Sesame Street

  1. How crayons are made.
  2. The secret to bathtub fun.
  3. You can be on an acid trip and learn numbers at the same time!
  4. The chicks dig Cookie Monster.
  5. Linoleum is beautiful!
  6. It’s just fine to buy something from the creepy stranger who breaks into song and keeps one hand inside his trench coat the entire time…
  7. People with insomnia are subhuman.
  8. How to dance.
  9. If you leave a nine-year-old at home alone on his birthday, he’ll probably throw a kegger.
  10. If he’s bigger than you, has hairy paws, and bounces you on his knee, don’t play with him!
  11. Ignorance really is bliss.
  12. Sesame Street can even make a grown woman tear up.
  13. Before you accept a new position, make sure your boss isn’t an obsessive windbag who won’t let you do your job.

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