I LOST it.

I just lost my virginity.

Or should I say… lost my LOST virginity. Bittersweet thanks to my favorite fanatic, Andy, who can probably convince me to do anything if he tries hard enough. Don’t tell him that, though.

If you’re unaware, I’ve been trying to avoid Lost since the hype started. I’d never seen any part of the series nor participated willingly in any part of a discussion about what was happening on the show. I rolled my eyes at every possible moment and laughed at the freaky obsessions shown by most of the fans.

Andy finally convinced me to go out, rent disc 1, and watch it with him. Actually, watching it with him was my idea, and I didn’t think it would soon happen since we live two states away from each other. So saying, “If you’d see it with me, it’d be better” was more or less my way of saying, “One day in the far future maybesorta we’ll have a chance to see it. But for now–muhahaha!”

But no, I had to be weak in the knees. What is it with this guy? So we got on skype and watched the entire disc 1–he in Kentucky and I in Illinois. Hey, it worked; not exactly as I’d pictured it, but I’m not complaining. It’s not often I get that kind of time with this friend.

So now I hate him just a little bit… a teeny tiny bit. Because I liked it. And I’m not happy about losing my self-righteous high ground I had convinced myself I had before.

Good riddance virginity! er… that could have come out better, couldn’t it…