Small delights

The smell of a cool breeze on a warm day.
Cracking ice puddles with my feet and the sound it makes–like creme brulee.
Sharing a giant laugh with a friend.
The instant you feel in your gut that you’ve made real eye contact with someone. It’s a very physical sensation. Magical.
Being in a choir, singing in perfect harmony and engaging the audience.
Being moved to tears by music.
The smell of baking bread.
Hanging your hand outside the window of a moving car, feeling the wind slurp between your fingers, lifting your arm into the air.
Hearing truly wonderful slam poetry performed live.
The first hill of a roller coaster.
The warm, molded cocoon of my bed in the morning.
Knowing I made someone else smile.
Hearing E call me her sister in front of her friends.
Cracking myself up.