Green goes from red to black

This month:

I am going to have no credit card debt for the first time in years!
I will have paid off one of my student loans!
I will be attempting a complete re-organization of my finances.

I will be crying like a baby, but feeling oh so proud of myself.

One achievement at a time.


3 thoughts on “Green goes from red to black

  1. I haven’t exactly whipped out the envelopes yet, but I’ve heard good things about some of his strategies. I hope you are delighted with your progress! Rock on! Now I need to really work on building my savings and keeping the debt gone.

  2. If you’re looking to save some money but don’t necessarily want to tie it up on a CD or index fund I recommend the bank, they have a high yield (5%) savings account with no minimum balance. I use it and it’s really nice, I set up a link to my checking account and I have the savings account take a certain amount out each month, it can add up quickly plus they pay you interest each month. If you need to get money out it’s simple to transfer money back to your regular checking account.

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