Habits like pick-up sticks

There is something delightful about coming home from the market with a paper bag (complete with handles), placing it on the kitchen counter, and unpacking each item one-by-one, delighting in every crackle of the thick brown paper. It feels so … classic–as if I could open my eyes and find myself in the 1950s. Forget groceries ordered online or supermarkets that only give you plastic bags. Keep it simple, keep it hands-on.

After carefully folding my bag along the creases, I tossed it into the only place I know where paper bags belong: between the refrigerator and the wall. This may seem strange to you, but I honestly have never considered choosing a different location. This is how we always stored our large paper shopping bags growing up. Not only were they out of sight (until you looked into that space, I suppose), but it made things easy when it came time to tote items on trips, carry gifts, or take food to a potluck. Where do you keep your paper bags?

Another habit I picked up as a wee lass (which I believe is fairly common) is propping my shampoo and conditioner bottles up on the towel/washcloth bar in my shower (which is it: towel or washcloth? See? I don’t even know!). I don’t use a rack over the shower head or suction-cupped to the tiles. I use the corners of the tub and that handy dandy never-been-used-for-its-intended-purpose bar. Every tub and shower combo that I’ve ever had in a bathroom includes that silly metal attachment. Why not keep bottles in reach instead of adding more clutter down low? The only danger is the bottles slipping off the bar and scaring me half to death. But that just wakes me up more thoroughly in the morning ;).

What habits have you learned from childhood that you’ve never questioned before?


12 thoughts on “Habits like pick-up sticks

  1. Have you forsaken the Home Depot bag? :)

    It’s really hard to find the paper bags around here anymore. I did find some at Kroger the other day, but apparently they’re only available in the self-check line. I do save some of the plastic ones (I keep them under my sink and use them for garbage can liners or to tote things from here to there). I take the extra plastic bags to the recycling box at church–they collect them to help fund one of the schools in town.

  2. Not forsaken, just not in the car for quick stops like this one.

    I also re-use my plastic bags for trash liners. It’s the only way to justify a drawer full of them in my kitchen. :)

  3. I must admit that I’m hoarding plastic bags now since I heard a rumor that they’re discussing outlawing them around here. Where would I put a wet bathing suit or used kitty litter then?

    I still put a plastic bag over my foot before I pull on my snow boots. Or does everyone do that?

  4. The only time I’ve had one of those bars in the shower was when I lived in Florida, and that’s exactly what I used it for.

    I always wait for the phone to ring at least twice before I answer it. My mom has alwys done that, I guess so as to not appear too eager or desparate.

  5. I remember when we first got caller ID we would wait two rings so it would register in the device and we could screen our calls. At dinner time one of us kids would run to the phone and just stand there waiting to call out to the family who it was–just in case it was important enough to answer.

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