It’s kind of like snorting cocaine…

Except it’s not so much snorting as it is swabbing. And there’s no straw or razor blade, just a thin tube and a cotton swab. And it’s not so much powder as it is gel. And it’s not even cocaine–it’s Zicam. Still, I think the analogy holds up considering I’m putting something up my nose that’s supposed to make me feel better.

So here I am, smearing zinc goop where goop should never go, afraid I’ll either sneeze and expel all of it or sniff it up any further.

Who thought of this stuff anyway? Does it work? I plan on finding out. Note that each box costs a load of money and only has 20 swabs in it. So if you get another cold, or if yours lasts longer than 5-6 days (depending on how often you stick the gel up your nose–they recommend 4 times a day), you have to shell out another $13. If this works a miracle, then I might consider buying it again. If not, I’m going cheap the next time a cold virus comes knocking.

I’m already loading up on my vitamins and drinking more water than usual. All that’s left is getting heaps of sleep this weekend and pouting a bit to my friends, hoping they will come be with me–even at risk of catching it. I bet if Jesus were in my position he would say, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down and snuggle with his friends” (my twist on John 15:13).


10 thoughts on “It’s kind of like snorting cocaine…

  1. I hope the stuff works! I just found you from Blog Soldiers. The shofar makes me think Jewish, but then you cited the New Testament. Are you a Jewish Christian?

    Nicetameetcha! I’m Scott.

  2. I once tried the pea-up-the-nose stunt just because it was the typical object kids seemed likely to stick up in the olfactory regions. I didn’t dare push it too far, so it fell out. ;o)

    I have heard of Airborne as an immune-booster. I might try it next time!

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