Of all the things to fuss over…

I hate it when parents have their babies’ ears pierced.

What’s funny is when the same parents later have a fit when the child gets their bellybutton or eyebrow pierced when he/she is a teenager. Oh, so now age matters all of a sudden? Not a fan of personal choice, eh? Like your child didn’t have holes forcibly punched into their flesh before they could even say no? Brilliant.


4 thoughts on “Of all the things to fuss over…

  1. I agree, I don’t see any need to pierce my daughter’s ears. By the time she is a teenager, its quite possible that having pierced ears will be considered unfashionable. She can make the decision if she wants to do it.

  2. The rule in my house was that nobody could get her ears pierced until she turned 10. My mom said she wanted all of us to be old enough to take care of the cleaning and all that ourselves.

    I don’t see the need for babies to have pierced ears. They’re plenty cute enough as they are.

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