Hey God, how about a tiny favor?

So, Lord, It’s getting to be the most exciting time of the year and the most social… and it seems everyone at work is dropping like flies with this flu/cold from hell. I’m worried I will be taken out of commission for the holidays like I was a few years ago… you know–the last time I was even able to go see my dad’s family. It’s been too long; I’m scared I will miss out on those times again. So if you’re so inclined to lend a favor, could you whip some virus butt? I want to be healthy! And I ask even more heartily that you help and heal my coworkers who have been bearing this sickness around and feel so miserable. I’m sure they wish they could be on my side of the grass too.

Gracias and rock on,


PS:  Sorry if I’ve pissed you off lately. I have a way of acting like a complete idiot.