Curse this “wintery mix”

Why is it that whenever I come home to Michigan for a vacation or holiday, bad weather hits right as I’m trying to return?

You all know what happened Thanksgiving night.

Today my car was in the shop because the wipers were terribly bent, my battery needed replacing, and so forth (bye bye money!). On top of that time delay, there are ice storms, rain, and snow all down the length of my drive back to Illinois. The Doppler shows a quite colorful belt of precipitation that would most likely cause the kind of trouble I don’t need right now.

So at least this time I’m taking the safe option and staying in Michigan another night instead of pushing through like I tried on Thanksgiving. No motel rooms for me, thanks! But I’m frustrated and anxious because I didn’t work ahead at all for tomorrow. So my coworkers will have so much to do to cover for me, and I’m not even sick! But I can’t control the weather, or the fact that it took all day for the repair guys to fix my car.

I’ll be calm about this after I realize it’s out of my hands.