one final Christmas thought…

Do you remember the year we sailed through the sea together, melting northern snow off in Caribbean sunshine? We sank and rose with the waves, also sinking and rising with your body’s rebellion. I remember your face: one half glowing with joy as we whispered our daily adventures to you in your bed, the other taut with a pain that the darkness could not put out.

I remember.

Do you remember your wife sitting by your side, waiting out the days and nights as your mind played reels of imagined memories in your eyes, taking reality away? She loved you. We missed you. They said brain tumors. They said radiation. They said there would be no Christmas.

I remember.

But do you remember Christmas day? That day we saw your smile peak from ear to ear once more? You flew to us, you came home to us. We jumped, yelled, and ran to you. All of us, being us.

I remember. I miss you.


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