somejunk aboot moi

I would like to have
more conversations using
haiku. Come join in!

I love taking a huge chug of cold milk and feeling it cool me to the bottom of my stomach.
I keep a spreadsheet of my favorite names.
I used to hide under my covers with my clock radio when I was in middle school and listen to old radio dramas late at night. I still enjoy them, but now I stay up as late as I want.
I think if I ignore the mess in my apartment, it will magically disappear. I’m afraid to admit that because it makes me look bad to certain people… so I clean anyway.
I don’t like to eat in formal dining rooms, and if I have one in a house someday I might make it into a relaxation/meditation/meeting room.
I think sandwiches are a food group.
When I try to hold in a laugh, I get the hiccups. When I laugh sitting down I get the hiccups. I hate the hiccups.


3 thoughts on “somejunk aboot moi

  1. Haha, that’s pretty cool. (shh, wanna know a secret? when my roommate’s not home for the weekends, I let the apartment get super messy and then race around Sunday night cleaning before she comes home! shhhh!)

    Happy Friday! :-)

    P.S. I have my Rockin’ With Frigga going on all day today – and everyone started back at 0 points! :D

  2. it’s really sad about my social networking addiction, when i read “haiku” as “jaiku” … and i got all excited like “woah! julia is on jaiku too?! i have to add her to my friends.. oh wait.. that’s haiku… nevermind”

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