Put the bat down, honey.

What do you do when your level of boredom has risen to epic proportions (why are proportions always epic?) and you can’t get that particular Britney Spears vomit song out of your head? I mean, besides smashing your head with a bat and crying for mommy, of course.

Here are a few options:
If you’re stuck in music mode, practice lip syncing to Bohemian Rhapsody using your fist as an air mic. Don’t forget to exercise good use of the head bang. This works especially well in a cubicle environment to increase morale among your coworkers.

Make up words that rhyme with orange. So what if they don’t really exist? You can effect change in this world.

Learn to tell time in binary … or comment on this entry if you’re geeky enough to already know how.

Turn your keyboard upside down and catalog what falls out.

Write a dedication on your arm in pen. If your life is an open book, you might as well let people know who helped make it happen.

Write thank you notes to people you never talk to any longer. Send them.

Whine about it.


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