yes, money can make you sick

… if you’re an idiot like me.

I am so nauseous because of my own lazy ignorance. Last year I got a Flexible Spending Account so I would be able to get my contacts and glasses with some tax-free money. Well, that’s about as far as my knowledge of my FSA went. I thought I was making a smart decision by planning ahead for something my insurance doesn’t cover. Well, I didn’t go to the optometrist last year. I didn’t get my much-needed glasses replacement and contact lenses.

You can see where this is going.

Oh yes, folks. I’m an idiot. Today I learned that if you don’t spend all the money in your FSA, all that cash is forfeited to the company who handles your FSA. Where did I think it went? I have no idea.

I made a $400 mistake.

I’m going to retch.


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