Click here for the answer to all your problems

This subject line popped up during one of my spam sweeps through my work email inbox. I’ll admit, before I knocked it into the junk bin, my curiosity was piqued. What is the answer to all my problems? Is there an answer?

I laughed, wondering if people believe they could find the solution in their email. But then again, many think the answers can be found in all kinds of strange places: inside a large bank account, a holy book (or two or three), or the bottom of a bottle.

I’ve answered that question so simply in the past … Perhaps other Christians know exactly what answer I’m talking about. Now, as I hear those words in my head, it seems so scripted—as if I have a pull-string between my shoulder blades that causes me to give perfectly-tuned answers when tugged.

So what is the answer to all your problems? And if you believe you have found that answer, why do you still have problems?


3 thoughts on “Click here for the answer to all your problems

  1. My answer is probably not the same as your, then again, perhaps your mention of Christianity can bring hope… The answer to all your problems, my problems, and the worlds problems are simple.

    In the name of Christ, ask god to give you the answers, and the answers are there!

  2. God might not necessarily solve all your problems at once. Atleast, you will know how to face the problems and last but not least, you will have a rock to stand upon – which is Christ – to face your problems.

    There is no way to reach perfection without facing trials and temptations in life. Yes, I was once a half-atheist, a back-slider, a sinner, but now I AM my God’s precious child! Not just me, all humans are loved by God (just like he loves me and you) even though, they don’t realize it.

    Let’s not wound our Father again by any of our deeds!

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