The good, the bad, and God

Here’s a terribly simple two-part question, yet I’m hoping for not-so-simple answers. Pleasepleaseplease try not to say just what you’ve been told before. Your personal and honest answers really matter to me.

When life sucks, things don’t work out, tragedies happen, and you face enormous struggles and disappointments and brick walls at every turn…

…what does that have to do with God?

When you get the money you need, have an amazing day, find love, succeed in your goals, you find your answers, and life is just amazing…

… what does that have to do with God?

What do you think?

Belated Edit: Okay, I admit it…this is related to an entry I wrote a while back. I suppose I just can’t let a topic go.


2 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and God

  1. Dear Friend:

    Our response to these things, good and bad, has everything to do with God. We can remain at peace, loved by God, and revealing love to others, and useful, in both conditions. God has only to do with the choice we have to accept grace to face tragedies and hardships and success and love with the same spirit.


  2. I’ve been thinking about this lately. When I am more distant from God – not praying very regularly, not inclined toward him, not meditating on his love for me, not reading Scripture – the things that happen appear to hit randomly and not be particularly related to God. So I might try to deduce in my head what’s going on. I’m not sure that “in my head” is where I’m most likely to find the answer.

    Sometimes, though, something significant, either good or bad, breaks through the fogginess and gets my attention. I think that’s because he wants me to be close to him and is unwilling to just let me meander along in the fog.

    When I am attentive to God in a more ongoing way, then it’s easier not to guess at what circumstances mean in my life because they just are. They’re something I do in partnership with God, like the biblical image of being yoked together like oxen in a double harness with Jesus. I have burdens, but I’m not split off on my own. They all serve as chances for me to grow closer to him and be available for service.

    Just my $.02 on Maundy Thursday.

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