What can 50 degrees do for you?

I’d like to thank the sun for rising today. Not only that, but for making a tangible difference in my enjoyment of this human existence. Since I work in a windowless dungeon, one of my greatest joys is actually experiencing the natural world during the height of the day. Without an outdoor break my mind grows tired, my body weary, and my emotions strained.

Today I chose to go out for a drive during my lunch hour. The very moment my body slipped out into that fresh air I was transported from dull to delighted. My mood nearly tripped over itself as it climbed higher and higher. I drove with the windows down, enjoying the weight of warm sunshine on my cheeks and a light breeze sneaking underneath my coat. A dozy smile coated my face; I didn’t even realize I was smiling until I caught my face in the rear view mirror.

My darling springtime, I love you. Please stay. I’d like to think of you as so much more than a hiccup between winter and summer. Enjoy yourself; dabble in the apple trees, plant yourself in the thawing soil, and by all means let me welcome you into my life once again.